Reasons Why D. R. Jones & Associates Has Been
Chosen By Thousands Of Satisfied Customers

D. R. Jones & Associates represents Professionalism, Honesty, & Integrity you can count on to give you straight forward, honest answers concerning hair loss and the options available to you.
D. R. Jones & Associates has been in the hair replacement business for over 35 years and is a nationally recognized authority in the hair replacement industry.
D. R. Jones & Associates makes available documented, legitimate medical and non-medical solutions for every cause of hair loss so you can feel assured that we will only recommend the RIGHT SOLUTION to meet your hair replacement needs.
At D. R. Jones & Associates affiliate clinics nationwide we will only recommend experienced, Board Certified physicians who perform state of the art hair transplantation surgery. You can count on only the finest skilled surgeons to handle your hair transplantation needs.
D. R. Jones & Associates offers the quality REMAXX™ product line that provides the essential ingredients for supplying the nutrients necessary to promote strong, healthy hair.
D. R. Jones & Associates and its affiliate clinics has developed technology that ensures a natural looking, non-surgical hair replacement system for individuals who are experiencing moderate to extensive hair loss.
At D. R. Jones & Associates you are important, as are your needs. D. R. Jones & Associates is able to network you with the right clinic, doctor, or products so you can make the right decision; Otherwise you might be paying for the wrong solution.

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