It's Not Just A New Product That Salons Are Looking For, But a New Service.
After 35 years in the hair business, we believe that if you give a salon a new service concept then their product sales will soar. REMAXX Advance Hair Fitness Program was designed originally for those experiencing hair loss and administered only in medical hair restoration clinics. But the idea of promoting strong healthy hair appeals to everyone that cares about the way they look.

40% of all males in the United States are experiencing hair loss as well as thousands of women, and these clients are already coming to your salons. Now the professional salon can offer an effective service to their clientele experiencing thinning hair that can not only help prevent further hair loss and reverse the balding process, but treat damaged hair due to bleaching, coloring and perms.

This new service sells more products. That's just how the program works. Treatments are performed in the salon and require maintenance at home. Salon technicians are trained in the basic steps of application through educational seminars or a training video and manual made available for reference. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and the technicians stay booked.

It only makes sense to use the REMAXX product line on healthy hair, too. There are no harsh detergent cleansers that damage the hair, but ingredients designed to cleanse mildly and feed the hair cells proteins, amino acids, nutrients and vitamins proven to be necessary for the maintenance of strong healthy hair.

REMAXX is now being made available for national distribution in salons. For information concerning offering the REMAXX product line in your salon and our educational programs contact Dennis R. Jones, President and CEO of D. R. Jones & Associates.

 Hair and Scalp Treatment Kit

For information on how you can become a distributor of the REMAXX Advanced Hair Fitness Product Line, contact our corporate office at:
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