What can you do about hair loss?

"The important point to keep in mind is that no one method or treatment will work for everyone.  That's where D. R. Jones & Associates comes in.  They can help you find the right clinic or Doctor with the experience and expertise to offer you the right alternatives; otherwise, you might be paying for the wrong solution." --Lou Skodras

Replacing your lost hair is a decision that can actually change your life.

That is why D. R. Jones and Associates believes it is so important to give you the facts so you will have the knowledge necessary to take that important first step towards Freedom From Hair Loss.

Here is the inside story...
When you take a glance at your favorite magazines...what do you see? Attractive people--always young and vibrant looking. The fact is...Americans are concerned about looking good. Today, everyone is eating healthier and exercising more and with good reason. The bottom line is "If you look good, you can feel so much better about yourself."

For years men and women have been frustrated by one problem they couldn't cover up--hair loss. Psychologists know many men and women perceive hair loss as a sign of aging and a lack of vitality. Yet millions of Americans experiencing hair loss continue losing their hair rather than taking action to solve the problem.

Many individuals tell us it is because they are confused about what to do!

It seems that there are hundreds of companies offering their "Miracle Hair Restoration Claims" and unfortunately consumers often spend hard-earned dollars on inadequate, inferior hair services, or even worse, plain old quackery.

For this reason, we believe it is important for you to know how the hair grows, the factual causes of hair loss and the PROVEN AND SUCCESSFUL ALTERNATIVES available--ranging from clinically approved hair and scalp treatments to custom non-surgical hair replacement systems to the most advanced micro-surgical hair transplantation procedures. D. R. Jones & Associates can assist you in finding the right solution for a permanent answer to your hair loss.

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